Welcome to the Office of the Student Ombudsperson

Whether your problem is straightforward or unimaginably complicated, the Office of the Student Ombudsperson is here to help. Please take some time to explore and learn about our office.

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The Office of the Student Ombudsperson is a resource for all University of Chicago students to assist in the resolution of conflicts, concerns, and other problems that they may encounter through the course of University life.


  • Now what do I do?
  • What are my options?
  • All I get is the run-around!
  • Can they do that?
  • No one listens to me!
  • Nobody cares!
  • This is unfair!
  • Who has the authority to change this?
  • How can I get this resolved?
  • How do I talk to…?
  • … contact us for help!

University Life can get complicated. We’re here to listen. We’re here to help.

Office Hours

Appointments with the Student Ombudspersons are available Monday through Friday. Please send an email to ombudsperson@uchicago.edu to set up an appointment.

Campus Events

Visit the UChicago Events page for more information on upcoming campus events.

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