About the Student Ombuds Office


The Office of the Student Ombudsperson was established in 1968 by Edward Levi, then Provost of the University, to help students receive fair solutions to University-related concerns. This makes it one of the oldest such offices in the country and one of the many legacies of President Levi. The period was one of great unrest on campuses around the country. The concept of an “ombudsman” was adapted from a Swedish government position as a way of addressing concerns of students, providing them with access to university officials and an avenue for the resolution of disputes beyond the most formal channels. In Winter 2022, the office was renamed as the Student Ombuds Office in tune with the general trend in naming ombuds offices across the country. The Student Ombuds and Associate Student Ombuds are students who are appointed annually as part-time employees by the President to serve a one-year term at the pleasure of the President. The Student Ombuds and Associate Student Ombuds are officially members of and report directly to the Office of the President.