Annual Reports

The Student Ombuds Office is charged by the President with providing a report on the activities of the office. The report contains statistical information, observations on trends, and on occasion, policy recommendations. A selection of past reports are posted here to make them available to the campus community.

2022-2023 (PDF)
by Somin Lee and Max Willner-Giwerc

2022 Winter and Spring (PDF)
by Sarath Pillai and Min Lee

2021 Summer and Autumn (PDF)
by Sarath Pillai and Min Lee

2020-2021 (PDF)
by Max M. Freedman

2018-19 (PDF)
by Alexis Howard and Jon Bullock

2016-2017 (PDF)
by Alexis Howard and Saeed Richardson

2014-2016 (PDF)
by Deepa Das Acevedo, Charles Huff, and Alexis Howard

2013-2014 (PDF)
by Cesar Favila and Deepa Das Acevedo

2007-2008 (PDF)
by Leann Pace

2004-2005 (PDF)
by Victor M. Muniz-Fraticelli

2004-2005 (PDF)
by Phil Venticinque

2003-2004 (PDF)
by Urmi Sengupta

2002-2003 (PDF)
by Kyle Lakin

2001-2002 (PDF)
by Noor-Aiman Khan

2000 Spring (PDF)
by Mike Jerstad

2000 Winter (PDF)
by Mike Jerstad

1997 Winter and Spring (PDF)
by James Marquardt and Claudia Flores

1996 Summer and Autumn (PDF)
by James Marquardt and Claudia Flores

1996 Winter (PDF)
by Marc J. Blitz

1996 Spring (PDF)
by Marc J. Blitz

1995 Summer and Autumn (PDF)
by Marc J. Blitz

1995 Winter and Spring (PDF)
by Andrew Varcoe